The Wesleyan Hour 2005


God has a plan and a purpose for all of our suffering, he will keep you sensitive so that you can comfort others when they suffer.

Dr. Norman Wilson "Why Do The Innocent Suffer March 13, 2005"


Play Conquering Self 01/02/2005

Play Conquering Sin 01/09/2005

Play Conquering Life's Situation 01/16/2005

Play Conquering Stress 01/23/2005

Play Conquering Sorrow 01/30/2005


Play The Person Of The Holy Spirit 02/06/2005

Play The Purpose Of The Holy Spirit 02/13/2005

Play The Purity Of The Holy Spirit 02/20/2005

Play The Power Of The Holy Spirit 02/27/2005


Play Why Do The Storms Come 03/06/2005

Play Why Do The Innocent Suffer 03/13/2005

Play Is There Life After Death 03/20/2005

Play What About Tomorrow 03/27/2005


Play I Am the Way 04/03/2005

Play I Am The Light 04/10/2005

Play I Am The Door 04/17/2005

Play I Am The True Vine 04/24/2005


Play Your Are Loved 05/01/2005

Play You Are Not Alone 05/08/2005

Play You Are Special 05/15/2005

Play God Is Able 05/22/2005

Play Jesus Is Coming Again 05/29/2005


Play Where It All Started 06/05/2005

Play A Great Mystery 06/12/2005

Play From Creation To Corruption 06/19/2005

Play Man Can Be Saved 06/26/2005


Play How To Give 07/03/2005

Play How To Pray Part 1 07/10/2005

Play How To Pray Part 2 07/17/2005

Play How To Live Without Worry 07/24/2005

Play How To Settle Our Differences 07/31/2005


Play The Greatest Comfort 08/07/2005

Play The Greatest Contrast 08/14/2005

Play The Greatest Lesson 08/21/2005

Play The Greatest Wonder 08/28/2005


Play What Do You Beleve 09/04/2005

Play Can You Say Shibboleth 09/11/2005

Play The Danger Of Sincerity 09/18/2005

Play Why I Believe The Bible 09/25/2005

October - Best of 2005

Play What Does Salt Taste Like 10/02/2005

Play Who Wrote The Bible 10/09/2005

Play From Creation To Corruption 10/16/2005

Play Looking For Forgiveness 10/23/2005

Play The Greatest Companionship 10/30/2005


Play Man's Universal Search 11/06/2005

Play The Search For Accomplishment 11/13/2005

Play The Search For Peace 11/20/2005

Play The Search For Tomorrow 11/27/2005


Play The Promise Of His Coming 12/04/2005

Play The Precision Of His Coming 12/11/2005

Play The Place Of His Coming 12/18/2005

Play The Prospects That Proceed From His Coming 12/25/2005