The Wesleyan Hour 2003


Paul said Jesus Christ is the image of the invisible God. That which cannot be seen with the natural eye can yet be seen, through the eye of faith.

Dr. Norman Wilson "Evidence Of The Invisible, June 16, 2002"


Play Road Map To The Future 01/05/2003

Play Understanding The Revolution 01/12/2003

Play Coping With Change 01/19/2003

Play Where Are We Going 01/26/2003


Play What Do You Believe 02/02/2003

Play Can You Say Shibboleth 02/09/2003

Play The Danger Of Sincerity 02/16/2003

Play Why I Believe The Bible 02/23/2003

March - Partial Messages

Play You Are Loved 03/02/2003

Play You Are Not Alone 03/09/2003

Play You Are Special 03/16/2003

Play God Is Able 03/23/2003

Play Jesus Is Coming Again 03/30/2003


Play The Garden The Place Of Decision 04/06/2003

Play The Cross The Pledge Of Death 04/13/2003

Play The Empty Tomb The Promise Of Deliverance 04/20/2003

Play Sin And Its Consequences 04/27/2003


Play Dynamic Leadership 05/04/2003

Play The Danger Of Apostasy 05/11/2003

Play How To Settle Our Difference 05/18/2003

Play I Do Not Frustrate The Grace Of God 05/25/2003


Play Too Much Religion Part 1 06/01/2003

Play Too Much Religion Part 2 06/08/2003

Play Sharing In the Inheritance 06/15/2003

Play Winning Friends Or Making Enemies 06/29/2003


Play Neighborliness 07/06/2003

Play The War Within Part 1 07/13/2003

Play The War Within Part 2 07/20/2003

Play The Proof Of Our Faith 07/27/2003


Play Helping A Fallen Brother 08/02/2003

Play Carrying Your Share Of The Load 08/10/2003

Play You Can't Change The Harvest 08/17/2003

Play Identifying Marks 08/24/2003

Play The Greatest Trouble 08/31/2003


Play What Does Salt Taste Like 09/07/2003

Play Who Wrote The Bible 09/14/2003

Play Who Is A Christian 09/21/2003

Play Who Will Go To Hell 09/28/2003

October - Best of 2003

Play The Search For Peace 10/05/2003

Play Winning Friends Or Making Enemies 10/12/2003

Play Why I Believe The Bible 10/19/2003

Play The Cross The Pledge Of Death 10/26/2003


Play A Question Of Origins 11/02/2003

Play A Question Of Authority 11/09/2003

Play A Question Of His Miracles 11/16/2003

Play A Question Of Relationship 11/23/2003

Play A Question Of Personal Concern 11/30/2003


Play The End Of The Search 12/07/2003

Play Incomplete 12/14/2003

Play The Prince Of Peace 12/21/2003

Play The Mighty God 12/28/2003