The Wesleyan Hour 2001


When you look around at the rampage of evil in our world, remember it all began with a single act of disobedience. When Adam went from creation to corruption.

Dr. Norman Wilson " From Creation To Corruption - Man, October 14, 2001"


Play A Person You Need To Know 01/07/2001

Play A Purpose You Need To Understand 01/14/2001

Play A Purity You Need To Experience 01/21/2001

Play A Power You Need To Demonstrate 01/28/2001


Play The Cure For Discouragement 02/04/2001

Play The Cure For Loneliness 02/11/2001

Play The Cure For Fear 02/18/2001

Play The Cure For Guilt 02/25/2001


Play I Am The Way 03/04/2001

Play I Am The Door 03/11/2001

Play I Am The Light Of The World 03/18/2001

Play I Am The True Vine 03/25/2001


Play The Garden The Place Of Decision 04/01/2001

Play The Cross The Pledge Of Death 04/08/2001

Play The Empty Tomb The Promise Of Deliverance 04/15/2001

Play Sin And Its Consequences 04/22/2001

Play Separation And Its Challenges 04/29/2001


Play The Greatest Comfort 05/06/2001

Play The Greatest Example 05/13/2001

Play The Greatest Question 05/20/2001

Play The Greatest Contrast 05/27/2001


Play God 06/03/2001

Play Trinity 06/10/2001

Play Man 06/17/2001

Play Salvation 06/24/2001


Play Conquering Sin 07/08/2001

Play Conquering Life's Situation 07/15/2001

Play Conquering Stress 07/22/2001

Play Conquering Sorrow 07/29/2001


Play Decisions That Determine Destiny 08/05/2001

Play Choosing A Companion 08/12/2001

Play Acting On The Best Advice 08/19/2001

Play Facing The Tough Choices 08/26/2001


Play The Greatest Companionship 09/02/2001

Play The Greatest Lesson 09/09/2001

Play The Greatest Salvation 09/16/2001

Play The Greatest Mistake 09/23/2001

Play The Greatest Wonder 09/30/2001

October - Best of 2001

Play I Am The Way 10/07/2001

Play Man 10/14/2001

Play Separation And Its Challengers 10/21/2001

Play Conquering Sin 10/28/2001


Play The Invitation 11/04/2001

Play The Homes Of The Famous 11/11/2001

Play The Home With Missing Parents 11/18/2001

Play A Home Where He Was Neglected 11/25/2001


Play Who Is This Jesus 12/02/2001

Play The Promise Of His Coming 12/09/2001

Play The Precision Of His Coming 12/16/2001

Play The Place Of His Coming 12/23/2001

Play Prospects That Proceed From His Coming 12/30/2001