Jesus--The Mission

Life Lessons from the Key Moments of Jesus' Life

His life, death, and resurrection are the pivot points of human history. Countless men and women have laid their lives at his feet. But who was this Jewish prophet, and what was it he really came to do?

New Testament scholar Kenneth Schenck bridges time and culture to bring you Jesus—The Mission. Immerse yourself in the world of history's most transformative figure to learn about the key moments of his life and mission, including his message, mission, ministry, miracles, and how all of these produced the conflicts that eventually led to his death and resurrection. But this is not just a history book; each chapter concludes with the author's reflections about how Jesus' life and mission shape our lives more into his image.

Following his successful three-volume series on the life and letters of the apostle Paul, Schenck turns his attention to the life and significance of Jesus of Nazareth in this two-volume set, which also includes Jesus—Portraits from the Gospels.

Embrace the mission and message of Jesus and let it shape your life today!

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