Jesus--Portraits from the Gospels

Four men wrote four accounts of one life—a life that continues to heal and transform people today. Each gospel writer offered essential portraits of the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. But what does each gospel offer to teach you today?

New Testament scholar Kenneth Schenck bridges time and culture to bring you Jesus—Portraits from the Gospels. Immerse yourself in the world of history's most transformative figure and see his life through the lenses of four men who knew him best. See Jesus as the sacrifice, the last Moses, the judge, the Savior, the economist, and much more. Each chapter concludes with the author's reflections about how the gospel portraits help us become more like Christ.

Following his successful three-volume series on the life and letters of the apostle Paul, Schenck turns his attention to the life and significance of Jesus of Nazareth in this two-volume set, which also includes Jesus—The Mission.

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