The Healthy Church

Can an ordinary church become an uncommonly healthy church?

Absolutely, but it won't happen automatically. Many average, ordinary churches allow their health to deteriorate to the point that they no longer have the heart to grow strong again. How do some churches fend off this heart deterioration to become uncommonly healthy churches?

Professor and church growth consultant Bob Whitesel set out to answer just that question: How can a church strengthen its heart, and what are healthy churches doing differently to remain vibrant, flexible, and healthy as their culture and community changes around them?

After two years of research with churches that have not only survived but thrived, The Healthy Church is Dr. Whitesel’s answer to that question.

In addition to practical, biblical teaching based on the latest research, Whitesel offers seven exercises to help strengthen your church's heart. Questions for personal or group study are also included.

Let God give your church a new heart and a fresh start!

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