Fear Not

While our circumstances may differ, fear is one of the most common experiences we share in this life. Filled with encouraging testimonies and scriptural references, Fear Not carefully and confidently guides us to a place where fear is recognized, understood, and replaced with a courage that can only come from The Lord.

—Jo Anne Lyon, General Superintendent, The Wesleyan Church

Many Christ-followers are frozen in fear. Paralyzed by insecurities, self-doubt, and dreadful feelings of failure, they fall short of their God-given potential. This spirit of fear does not come from God—instead, God has given us the gift of courage!

In Fear Not, Dr. Ed Love unpacks ten New Testament stories in which God commands someone to "fear not." Each story exposes a common fear, and challenges readers to face their fear and follow in faith. Readers will discover a clearer understanding of how God uses ordinary people to accomplish his extraordinary purposes.

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ED LOVE serves as the narrative pastor of The Well Church in Ionia, Michigan, and is an adjunct professor of church multiplication at Wesley Seminary. He lives in central Michigan with his wife, Emily, and three children, Jennah, Josiah, and Micah.He is the author of Reclaiming Hope.