Jaded Faith

Many young adults are disillusioned with the faith they've inherited. They see the churches of their youth as superficial and irrelevant to their deepest concerns. Meanwhile, culture pushes and pulls them in many directions, none of its pathways leading to true life.

In Jaded Faith, Jarod Osborne confronts head-on the disorientation and disappointment you may be experiencing in your own journey of faith. He helps you navigate—spiritually and intellectually—the most common side-trails that cause young adults to wander from the Christian faith. For those who still want to believe despite their disillusionment, Osborne illuminates the pathway through jaded to a stronger, intellectually honest walk with Christ.

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JAROD OSBORNE and his wife, Esther, reside in Marion, Indiana, where he pastors, writes, and teaches martial arts. After journeying through nearly a decade of spiritual meltdown, Jarod has developed a passion to share his experiences and hope with others.