Building Faith Kids series

Our children's spiritual formation is critical and encompasses the development of their heart, head, and habits. The Building Faith Kids Series is designed to be a supplemental tool to assist you in this development by providing Biblical knowledge, Scripture memory verses, and general truths about God. Understand that spiritual formation is a life-long endeavor; it requires intentional instruction, modeled behavior, reinforcement from home, and open hearts and minds.

To that end, Building Faith Kids offers a Teacher's Guide for Preschool, Elementary, and Middle School classes as well as Student Books for each class.

Learning about God Student Activity Book (Preschool)

Learning about God: Basic Christian Concepts for Preschoolers

Growing Like Jesus Student Activity Book (Elementary)

Growing Like Jesus: Essential Christian Concepts for Elementary Students

Knowing God's Truth Student Activity Book (Middle School)

Knowing God's Truth: Advanced Christian Concepts for Middle Schoolers