Flourishing Faith Devotional Studies Series

In the Flourishing Faith Devotional Studies Series you will encounter God through a variety of daily experiences that foster a sense of curiosity and excitement. Each book is a 30-day journey with three faith-nourishing experiences each day. You can do one in the morning, at noon, and in the evening, or select one per day. There are also "go deeper" ideas for longer personal retreats.

Shine Your Light shows how to overcome fear and apathy in order to share God's love and grace with a world in need.

Cherish Your Family shows how to let our love for our families show in our daily choices and strengthen our family bonds.

Embrace Your Worth shows how to realign our sense of self with what Scripture says about our worth and purpose.

Cultivate Your Character shows how to reflect on Jesus' character--to live a virtuous life that shines brightly in this dark world.

Restore Your Joy teaches from Scripture what true joy is and how to nourish that joy in the center of our being.

Enrich Your Marriage explores what Scripture says about what you can do as a wife to help your marriage grow and flourish.

Surrender Your Guilt shows how to move beyond our shame and regret to experience freedom and hope in God's grace.

Awaken Your Soul shows how to put away substitutes and discover an authentic, soul-nourishing intimacy with God.

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