Acts 2 in an Iowa Firehouse #MadeNewGatherings

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As churches and communities around the world come together to support and live out the vision of the #MadeNewGatherings, a particular gathering stood out as a great example. Meet Lois Williams, a 93-year-old working Hospice Chaplain. Although not a new gathering, Rev. Lois had the Acts 2:42-47 vision in mind. Rev. Lois began her service in ministry in 1950 and retired shortly after her husband, a former firefighter, passed away in 1985. She was later approached to lead a social gathering for the community in 1991 in Oskaloosa, IA where it started as a small meeting of 25 one Friday a month and quickly grew to 75 people. As the group continued to grow space became limited and she was offered a meeting space in the same firehouse where her husband volunteered.

According to Rev. Lois, the group consists of some couples but mostly singles. She always prepares her chicken and noodles, which is a favorite of the community and monthly request from the members for each gathering. The vision for this group is be an encouragement to the community and a place to bond and share times of sorrow and joy as they worship with a band and truly live out the calling of Acts 2:42-47.

What new gathering is God leading you to start these days? How does the story of Lois leading one at the age of 93 inspire you?