Finding Your Name

Jane Rubietta invites us on a journey from insecurity to inheritance through the lives of Isaac and Jacob that will surprise and inspire you. Packed with Scripture and written with personal witness and wisdom, this ninety-two-day adventure calls us to not only understand, but also live in the promise of full, new life.

—Andrea Summers, Director of Ministry for Women; The Wesleyan Church

Based on the lives of two children of the promise, Isaac and Jacob, Finding Your Name explores the ways God's blessings passed from Abraham through his heirs to us today. For all who long for hope and security, these ninety-two deeper devotions through Genesis 21–35 are an invitation from God to come, gain perspective, and partake of the benefits (and responsibilities) of your remarkable inheritance. Walk with Isaac and Jacob to gain fresh faith and hope for your journey of faith.

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JANE RUBIETTA speaks worldwide, inviting her audiences to find the love they've been looking for in the arms of Jesus. She is the author of several books, including other titles in the Seasons of Deeper Devotion Series and Heartbeat of a Mother.