Child Protection Guidelines—Protect My Ministry

The General Board of The Wesleyan Church strongly encourages all Wesleyan churches in the United States and Canada to implement a Child Protection policy that would provide for training and safety procedures for children and children's workers in Wesleyan churches. In order to make the implementation of this motion as accessible as possible for local churches, the following two steps have been taken:

First, The Wesleyan Church has negotiated with Protect My Ministry to provide state and national background checks for volunteers who sign up to be screened in your local churches. Protect My Ministry also provides free Child Safety Training resources that makes the task of training volunteers much easier for any local church. A webpage has been set up at that is dedicated to Wesleyan churches for information, registration, and ongoing use.

Protect My Ministry
Protect My Ministry

Secondly, with the help of legal counsel a Child Protection Guidelines document for use by Wesleyan churches has been created. These Guidelines, (found here), contain all the key elements needed for the local church to fashion its own policy. These Guidelines are a template only and do not constitute a policy until personalized and adopted by the local church or organization. Since child protection laws differ by state, legal counsel in the State your church resides should be consulted for final approval on the terms, the reporting requirements, and background checks required within the policy your church adopts.