The Early Church — Reaching The World

In The Early Church—Reaching the World, Schenck traces the story of the early church through the book of Acts from the accomplishment of Jesus' earthly mission, through the coming of the Holy Spirit, the first steps, the hard decisions, the thriving ministry, to the arrival of the gospel in Rome and the beginning of the age of the Gentiles.

At every step along the way, Schenck pauses to share "life reflections"—specific and practical applications of the text to modern life and ministry today. Discover what God had in mind for the church when he created the church, and how the church today can become more like the church God envisioned.

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Kenneth Schenck is academic dean and professor of New Testament and Christian ministry at Wesley Seminary in Marion, Indiana. Dr. Schenck is the author of several books, including Jesus—the Mission and Paul—Messenger of Grace.