District Board of Ministerial Development

The District Board of Ministerial Development is responsible for the examination and recommendation to the District Conference of all candidates of ordination, license, commission, ministerial study, and restoration or transfer from another denomination.

DBMD Chairman – Rev. John Baker, P. O. Box 562, Valley City, OH 44280-9563
Phone: 330-483-4774; Email:

DBMD Secretary – Rev. Dennis Croy, 16054 County Hwy.4, Carey, OH 43316
Phone: 419-458-5385; E-Mail:

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OKLAHOMA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY is offering online ordination courses called Cross Training.

MINISTERIAL STUDENTS: To be fully enrolled in the DMBD program of the Greater Ohio District you must complete 3 packets (initial application packet, information packet, and intake packet). Each packet contains several documents. The following resources constitute the "initial application packet" in our process. You are welcome to download, read through, and fill out these documents. Once the "Ministerial student Intake Packet- Application for Recommendation" is received by our office you will be personally emailed the next packet in our series of 3 (the final 2 packets are not downloadable from this or any other web site - you must first submit the application presented below)."

REQUIRED INITIAL APPLICATION BELOW as well as a Welcome Letter, Guide to Ordination Diagram and Check Off Sheet

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