True Depth

This book will both encourage your heart and challenge your thinking. It inspires and instructs toward three huge ideas: God is the primary maker of deep disciples; the church, though flawed, is the beautiful environment God designed to support disciple-making; and Christians can live a more vibrant and deeper life in Christ! True Depth is theological and practical, filled with honest stories that will grab your heart. If you'd like to see discipleship become more spiritually organic and less culturally organized, this book is for you.

—Dan Reiland, executive pastor of 12Stone Church

Too many churchgoers focus on American "churchianity" rather than biblical Christianity. They embrace the widespread and wrongheaded belief that following Christ will lead to a cozy, comfortable, and convenient life. The result is an aimless, unmotivated church on the verge of spiritual death. Lenny Luchetti calls us to imagine a church full of deep disciples who are actively involved in making deep disciples. Working through Mark's gospel, Luchetti explores the pathway to deep discipleship through revelation, transformation, mission, restoration, and sanctification.

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DR. LENNY LUCHETTI is associate professor of proclamation and Christian ministries at Wesley Seminary of Indiana Wesleyan University. Dr. Luchetti is an ordained minister in The Wesleyan Church and has been involved in pastoral ministry more than fifteen years.