Summer 2015 District Conference GenerousChurch Encounters

When you really take the time to shift your focus to what God wants FOR you rather than what He wants FROM you in regards to the stewardship of our time, talent and treasure, the thought becomes more freeing and enables you to truly live as God intended. “In this way…so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life." I Timothy 6:17-19. This summer four GenerousChurch Encounters took place at four District Conferences for their pastors and laity. At North Michigan District Conference, a longtime pastor stated:

“I know I haven't been to all 128 district conferences, but I have been to many of them and this was the best one we have ever had."

Pastors and laity took the time to wrestle with the thought that generosity is not a church program or funding strategy but is a value that runs through every ministry within the church. They learned that most importantly, values start with the pastor and their leadership because generous churches are led by generous pastors. Over 525 people attended the Summer 2015 GenerousChurch Encounters that took place in the North Carolina West District Conference (June 22nd), North Michigan District Conference (June 27th), Central Canada District Conference (July 2nd & 3rd) and Shenandoah District Conference (July 14th). It was a great summer of GenerousChurch gatherings. We are looking forward to spending time with the Kentucky-Tennessee and Chesapeake Districts this fall as the generous movement continues to expand. For more information on Generous Living or to schedule a GenerousChurch Encounter in your area e-mail

We would like to thank the National Christian Foundation West Michigan and National Christian Foundation for Sponsoring this Summer's GenerousChurch Encounters.