Ministry Training

Feeling Called to Ministry?

That's great! God is continually working in the lives of His people . The Wesleyan Church welcomes both men and women who feel called to ministry to begin the process of studying and preparation that will ultimately build God's church. From stay-at-home moms, to young college students and retired people; God is calling men and women to serve Him in ministry. You are not alone!

How do I start?

  1. Schedule an interview with your local senior pastor. Explain how you feel called to ministry and how God has brought you to this place in your life.
  2. If you are not already a Covenant Member of the Wesleyan Church, join a membership class in your local church and become a Covenant Member.
  3. Should your senior pastor feel you are ready to pursue studying for the ministry, he/she will schedule an interview for you with your Local Board of Administration to consider recommending you to the District Board of Ministerial Development (DBMD).
  4. If your local church has recommended you to the DBMD (see below) you should enroll with Education & the Ministry Department of the Wesleyan Church. If you have taken any college courses, you will want to send transcripts to Education & the Ministry for their review and evaluation of your credits. If you would like to register now, click here: REGISTER WITH EDUCATION & THE MINISTRY Do not register until your Local Board of Administration has recommended you to the DBMD.

The Manual of Ministerial Preparation

What is the DBMD?

The DBMD stands for District Board of Ministerial Development. This board of pastors and lay people meet annually with those studying for ministry until the point of ordination. The DBMD will help you define your call to ministry and will look for the spiritual gifts and graces necessary for serving God's people in ministry well.

How & Where Do I Study for Ministry?

Ministerial students will find that they have several options to completing requirements for credentials including attending:

  • One of our Wesleyan Colleges/Universities or approved seminaries
  • FLAME (Fellowship of Leaders Acquiring Ministerial Education ) is for those over 28 or who cannot move away to attend college or seminary. This program offers courses designed to prepare students for ministry without degree credit.–Must be DBMD approved)
  • By completing Correspondence courses

Financial Assistance

District FLAME Scholarship:

  • The East Michigan District has set aside funds to help our students currently enrolled in the FLAME program. These scholarships are currently $100/class based on need, application to the DBMD and availability of funds. There is a scholarship limit of 2 classes/year for each student. One must have completed the 6 core classes needed for Licensed Minister status to apply. Contact the DBMD Chairman ( or the district office ( for the application form.
  • Ministerial Loan Grant (for College & Seminary Students) for Current Students & Preparing Pastors

Whats the difference between Supervised Ministry and Service Time toward ordination?

Supervised Ministry are the three courses a FLAME student will register for that take one (1) year to complete. These "courses" have broad goals in each session to orient a future pastor to the kinds of ministry and duties that a pastor engages in like: funerals, weddings, worship services, preaching, board meetings, leadership, spiritual formation, etc. There is homework involved and students spend one hour per week with their supervising pastor while in these "courses".

Each student working toward ordination must also serve two (2) years full time (ora part time equivalent) in ministry after Licensed Minister status has been granted, to be eligible to be considered for ordination. Supervised Ministry courses may be completed within this two (2) year (or its part time equivalent) service period.

Have further questions?

Rev. Drew Mills, DBMD Director for the East Michigan District
(810) 327-6211