What We Value

As East Michigan District, we are committed to …

  • Faith-Filled Prayer . . . We humbly pray in faith, fully expecting to see how God is working!
  • Biblically-sound Leadership . . . We understand that all church leaders must be grounded in the Holy Scriptures and filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • Making Disciples . . . We are disciple-makers, which means we add to the church and we multiply churches by releasing and sending people to make more disciples!
  • Courageous Obedience . . . As the Spirit leads us, we will obey God and take risks in fulfilling the Mission of Christ's Kingdom!
  • Healthy Glocal Churches . . . We equip and empower healthy churches to multiply glocally, reflecting their community's unique diversity, with a commitment to intentionally reach the next one and the next ten thousand.
  • Contextualized Ministry: We have a shared purpose with diverse expressions. We understand that it's the variety of our ministry styles that strengthens our interdependence. We give permission to innovate, because there are no cookie-cutter models.
  • Team . . . Through the simplicity in our structure and high accountability in our system, we partner with
    leaders to innovate in contextualizing and multiplying glocal ministry.
  • Generosity . . . Everyone has something to contribute; we selflessly share what we have for the sake of fulfilling the Mission of Christ's Kingdom.