Real Mercy

Real Mercy offers the deepest truth: that mercy is everything to Jesus. Thaddeus Barnum takes the reader on a seamless journey from familiar biblical stories to the lives of ordinary men and women in his life who are extraordinary in the power of God's mercy.

—Frank Williams, Director and United Nations Representative of World Vision International

Thaddeus Barnum's writing is not for the spiritually timid. His poignantly transparent story-telling joins arm-in-arm with readers, leading them deeper into authentic discipleship. Each of Real Mercy's fifty readings is crafted around Scripture from the life of Jesus, the model of mercy. Throughout, Barnum artfully weaves story, revealing just how God must build it into a disciple's soul. For those tired of wading in superficial faith, this latest of Barnum's Deeper Devotion series ranges far into the spiritually real depths of lives defined by God's mercy.

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THADDEUS BARNUM is senior pastor of Church of the Apostles in Fairfield, Connecticut, and serves with his wife Erilynne on the board for call2disciple. He is the author of Real Identity and Real Love.