Awana Registration

Register for Awana Clubs International

web: | USA: 1-888-292-6249 | Canada: 905-892-5252

Connect with Awana either by phone or via the web. Make sure you tell them that you are a Wesleyan Church and that you want theWesleyan Kids for Awana material. They will send you a letter of introduction, a detailed brochure, and a sample of Awana materials.

Download Awana Curriculum Review 1 and Awana Curriculum Review 2. This will provide you a book-by-book look at where there are verbiage and doctrinal differences. These will be noted by age level, book, page number, and quoted section providing you the Wesleyan approach to instruction. Please note: not all of the Awana materials available in the catalog have been reviewed or are recommended – only those named have been reviewed and recommended for use.

Download the Leaders Letter and Parents Letter.

Download How to Lead a Child to Christ (or bookmark). Please note that there is a difference in how The Wesleyan Church recommends sharing the salvation message and the language provided in the Awana materials.

On the Cubbies and Sparks pages, you can download FREE large group Bible teaching material to be used for all age levels. This material is available in quarterly downloads.

Contact Awana to receive the official registration forms, including the Awana Ministry Agreement. Please note: included in this material will be an Awana doctrinal statement. Please know that is the doctrinal basis for the original Awana materials, it does not reflect the doctrinal statement of this office, The Wesleyan Church or the Awana materials that have been customized by The Wesleyan Church. For The Wesleyan doctrinal statement, please go to

Follow the steps prepared by Awana for launching your program including ordering your materials.