There are very natural (and even supernatural) enemies against God's design, conspiring from within us and without—our own flesh, our own world, and the demonic. Commonly known as sin, this unholy trinity is the mother of all manner of suffering and death. Worse yet, the human struggle with sin can often be compounded by popular misconceptions about it in religion. Authors Chris Bounds and Jim Lo return our minds and hearts to a clear, biblical understanding of the real problem of sin, and God's simple and perfect remedy: transforming a soul into what's holy.

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CHRISTOPHER BOUNDS is an associate professor of religion and philosophy at Wesley Seminary, Indiana Wesleyan University; he also has served eight years as a pastor in Arkansas. He and his wife Tamara have two children.

JIM LO is dean of chapel at Indiana Wesleyan University and founder of World Impact. He has also served as a missionary to Africa.