Awana: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did the partnership develop?

A: We made initial contact with the Awana leadership a while back. That initial meeting resulted in us forming an appreciation for their ministry perspective and quality program. Due to the doctrinal differences, nothing else occurred at that time.

A little over a year ago Awana’s president, Jack Eggar, wrote and said he had something to share with us. That began an extensive series of e-mails, phone calls and visits. We explored the possibility of providing Awana Clubs material to our Wesleyan churches and strategized how to make that possible. A key step in the process was a theological review of all the Awana materials, given the material is written from a Reformed perspective. Dr. Wayne Caldwell spearheaded the review and provided a page-by-page summary of all the passages that could cause difficulty with our beliefs. Dr. Caldwell also provided a suggestion for each passage on how it could be explained from the Wesleyan perspective.

Q: How was the curriculum customized to meet the needs of The Wesleyan Church?

A: The Awana Clubs nightly program is divided into three main segments:

  • large group, which is the biblical teaching time
  • small group, which is where students work through their handbooks and memorize scripture
  • game time which is a fun, team-driven activity segment.

Through this partnership, Awana Clubs has welcomed us to write a Wesleyan specific large group piece, which are freely available on the next couple of tabs.

The large group portion of the program is when biblical teaching and application occurs. These Wesleyan-specific materials will provide leaders with Bible-based lessons written from the Wesleyan perspective.

The small group time, which involves the individual student books, is scripture memorization driven. A leader or parent walks through the material with each student helping them memorize Bible verses and complete activities. During small group time a leader listens to the student recite their memory verse and checks to see the progress the student has made in completing their work. A leader and parent letter is available for download off our site to assist both in leading their child through these books from the Wesleyan perspective. We will also provide a spreadsheet outlining the potentially difficult passages by book and page number, with the suggested Wesleyan response.

The game time is the fun, team-driven, activity based element.

The final element is a resource Leading a Child to Christ with a step-by-step guide for Wesleyan leaders and parents. This too is available as a free download.

Q: What ages does the curriculum encompass?

A: The Wesleyan Kids and Awana Clubs partnership provides materials for children ages 2 through 6th grade.

Q: How is the Awana program being introduced to Wesleyan Churches?

A: The partnership was officially announced the end of January 2008. Churches now may contact Awana directly with general inquiries and to become a Wesleyan Kids for Awana Clubs church. Information on registration is available on the previous tab.