#MadeNewGatherings in the Kentucky-Tennessee District

In my State of the District Address, I shared the vision for District churches and pastors to start Made New Gatherings in their church or community in each of the following areas:

  • a Made New Gathering that seeks to build a stronger relationship with God. This could be an extra time of prayer at church, a cottage prayer meeting in homes, a new Bible Study, Sunday School Class or Small Group — any type of new gathering that promotes a deeper relationship with God our Heavenly Father.
  • a Made New Gathering that fosters and promotes relationships within the church. This could be a ladies luncheon/fellowship time, a senior citizens group that takes short trips together, teens and kids getting together for game night with the old folks—again, let your creativity carry you away!
  • a Made New Gathering that seeks to build relationships with those outside the church. These gatherings might be service projects like passing out bottled water at a local parade, outreach events, baking bread and passing it out to the neighbors around the church, weekly prayer walks throughout your neighborhood, or any other way that helps you get to know the hurting, needy and lost that God has put around you, so you can build a relationship of love, care and concern.

District Pastors received a Made New Gathering form which is due by Sept 30. Please indicate what new gatherings your church has started since January 1, 2015, and/or what new gatherings you and your church prayerfully plan to start sometime in the next 12 months.

Pray for and encourage one another in this new endeavor. Let us celebrate as God uses these Made New Gatherings as we prayerfully respond to His leading and people are Made New in Christ!