40 Day Community Bible Experience


Wesleyan Community Bible Experience

February 9 — April 2, 2015

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Today there are more Bibles than ever. And in our Web-connected world, you can access Scripture with just a quick keystroke. So why is Bible reading declining? Why are we not fully engaged in God’s story for our lives?

Engage, Connect, and Be Transformed

Community Bible Experience provides a powerful new way to experience the Bible as originally intended. Through The Books of the Bible, the Scriptures are presented without the chapters and verses that have been added throughout the centuries. Moreover, they have been re-ordered back to the historical context in which they were originally written.

This revolutionary approach makes it easier to read larger sections and fully comprehend and experience the Bible’s power and meaning. And as you become immersed in God’s Story alongside others – sharing, questioning, understanding, you are transformed…just like it was meant to be.

This Bible is not just a book. It’s a shared experience.

Join us in the Wesleyan Community Bible Experience February 2 - April 2, 2014. The Wesleyan Church has partnered with Biblica to challenge the church to read the New Testament in 40 days, coinciding with lent and Easter.