Finding Your Way

Finding Your Way is deep, wise, and surprisingly original. Jane Rubietta discovers fresh insights for veteran readers and those new to devotionals for beginning their day in God's Word. She bravely reveals personal vulnerabilities and wisely uses everyday language for those of us who can best discover holiness in her straight-forward, yet exquisite detail. Her rich descriptions and engaging anecdotes make Finding Your Way come alive.

—Carolyn Curtis, author of Women and C.S. Lewis

Finding Your Way is a three-month discipleship journey, in pursuit of deeper devotion through the lives of Adam, Eve, and Noah (Gen. 1-11). In the darkest, coldest seasons of human history, God still transforms problems and pain into passion and purpose. This book is for "all of us who hope that life is bigger than the problems we face," says author Jane Rubietta. Walk alongside the parents of all humanity, and gain fresh faith for finding your own way.

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JANE RUBIETTA speaks worldwide, inviting her audiences to find the love they've been looking for in the arms of Jesus. She is the author of several books, including other titles in the Seasons of Deeper Devotion Series and Heartbeat of a Mother.