Samuel L. Brengle's Holy Life Series

Samuel L. Brengle's Holy Life Series comprises the complete works of Samuel L. Brengle, combining all nine of his original books into six complete volumes. Each volume has been lovingly edited for modern readership by popular author (and long-time Brengle devotee) Bob Hostetler. Brengle's authentic voice remains strong, now able to more relevantly engage today's disciples of holiness.

Helps to Holiness was Brengle's first book and quickly became an international phenomenon, with its simple straightforward examination of the doctrine of entire sanctification.

The Heart of Holiness combines two Brengle classics, Heart Talks on Holiness, which gives a systematic look at the holy life, exploring what holiness is and isn't, hindrances to it, and fruits of it, and The Way of Holiness, which benefits people of all ages with chapters on such topics as why, when, and how to be holy.

The Servant's Heart combines two Brengle classics, The Soul-Winner's Secret, which was written to help Christ's servants preach, teach, witness, and evangelize, and Love Slaves, which emphasizes the importance of wholehearted love and concludes with Brengle's personal testimony.

Ancient Prophets and Modern Problems include reflections on the beauty and relevance of God's Word, insights into "The Costs of Winning Souls," and thoughtful counsel to "The Traveling Evangelist." The recent retiree in him offers "A Word to Those Who Are Growing Old," while the aged man offers an open letter with advice to the young.

Come Holy Guest combines two Brengle classics, Guest of the Soul and When the Holy Ghost is Come. Provides understandable answers to the essential questions about the Holy Spirit, ranging in topics such as his identity, praying to him, and his role in sanctification.

Resurrection Life and Power explores the theme of holiness from the perspective of the power supplied by Jesus' resurrection. Brengle gives practical treatments of issues such as temptation and time management, as well as controversial subjects like speaking in tongues and the unpardonable sin.

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SAMUEL LOGAN BRENGLE was an influential Salvation Army preacher, teacher, and author from 1887-1931; and to this day he remains an internationally renowned "ambassador of holiness." In 1889 he began writing articles on holiness, the success of which led to nine books over the next forty-five years.

BOB HOSTETLER (General Editor) is a pastor, speaker, and author of 35 books, including the award-winning Don't Check Your Brains at the Door and Take Time to Be Holy, with combined sales of over three million copies. He has won two Gold Medallion Awards, four Ohio Associated Press awards, and an Amy Foundation Award.