Memorial 64


Whereas, Membership in a local church is a valued and historic avenue intended to provide for discipleship, fellowship, a sense of belonging and an avenue for service;

Whereas, The Articles of Religion are foundational to our identity as Wesleyans and are wisely preserved for posterity in the Constitution of the Church and any adjustments thereto impact our core beliefs and appropriately require focused diligence, careful study and broad approval;

Whereas, The importance of the Covenant Membership Commitments is recognized and they are intended "to relate timeless Biblical principles to the conditions of contemporary society in such a way as to respect the integrity of the individual believer, yet maintain the purity of the Church and the effectiveness of its witness";

Whereas, It is understood that the Covenant Membership Commitments, while representing our "collective Christian conscience" and holding central place in our denominational identity and practice, they do not hold the same weight, scope, and foundational strength as the Articles of Religion;

Whereas, The Covenant Membership Commitments have been amended from time to time and while such changes should only be done carefully, collaboratively, and in a General Conference setting where every district is represented, the requirements of super majorities (2/3 approval) at both the General Conference and the several District Conferences in aggregate for changes to be codified seems excessive; and

Whereas, The history, function and process of the General Conference of The Wesleyan Church has a well-established and proven record of responsible action and the General Conference enjoys a culture of trust across the Church;

Resolved, That the Covenant Membership Commitments – paragraphs 260 - 268 in the 2012 Discipline of The Wesleyan Church – be relocated from the Constitution of the Church to the Statutory Law section of the Discipline thereby placing the Covenant Membership Commitments under the authority of the General Conference in its own right;

Resolved, Further that said Commitments be renamed Guides and Helps to Holy Living in order to reflect their significant role in the discipleship process;

Resolved, Any revision to the Guides and Helps to Holy Living shall require a two-thirds vote of the General Conference; and

Resolved, That the General Conference Editing Committee be empowered to bring other Discipline statements into conformity with this action, e.g para 360 (3) (a).


Wayne A. MacBeth, Secretary

Committee on Memorials


General Conference

____ Adopted ____ Not Adopted

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