Memorial 115


Whereas, Covenant and community members may relocate their residency due to employment, family circumstances or for other reasons, and may not be able to attend a local Wesleyan church;

Whereas, Some local church members may become neglectful in their church attendance and support of local church ministries but wish to remain a member; and

Whereas, Some individuals may attend another church due to various reasons but requests to remain a member of The Wesleyan Church;

Resolved, That The Discipline, paragraph 552:1, be amended by removing the word "or" between the words "community membership" and "student membership" and replace with a comma. Accordingly, following the words "student membership" add the words "or inactive membership." Paragraph 552:1 would then read: "(1) Membership in The Wesleyan Church may be covenant membership, community membership, student membership or inactive membership."

Resolved, That the following two new paragraphs be included in The Discipline as a new membership category titled "Inactive Membership."

4. Inactive Membership

566. A covenant, community or student member of The Wesleyan Church may be reclassified as an inactive member when they fail to meet the membership requirements of a covenant, community or student member as outlined in The Discipline (295-302; 553-565) or if requested by the member. A person can only be re-classified as an inactive member from their covenant, community or student membership status upon the approval of the local board of administration. Individuals cannot join The Wesleyan Church as an inactive member; are not allowed to hold any elected office in the church vote in any elections in the church, or serve on any boards or committees of the church. Inactive members lose all membership privileges as outlined in The Discipline 295-297.Inactive members are encouraged to attend The Wesleyan Church and are not permitted to be a member of another denomination or church.

567. An inactive member may be reclassified to a covenant, community or student member category. An inactive member desiring to be reclassified is required to complete the following process: submit a written request to the pastor; meet all membership requirements as outlined in The Discipline, paragraphs 260-268; 295-299. The local pastor is required to recommend the request and the local board of administration must approve by majority vote the reinstatement of the applicant to the appropriate membership status. Once reinstated by the local board of administration the individual is eligible for all rights and privileges afforded their respective membership status as outlined in The Discipline.

Resolved, That Discipline paragraph numbers be adjusted to accommodate the above new paragraphs and that any other related references in The Discipline relative to membership categories be amended by the Discipline editing committee to conform with this action.

J. Michael Stoelting, Secretary

Committee on Memorials

Not Recommended

General Conference

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