Memorial 240


Whereas, The district board of administration has both a moral and legal responsibility to have general oversight of its officers, employees, and pastors in a way that holds such persons to a high degree of integrity, both in personal character and in performance;

Whereas, The Discipline has established a precedent by granting the General Board, the Board of Pensions, the Board of Directors of the Wesleyan Investment Foundation, and the board of trustees of educational or benevolent institutions with full authority to discharge any officer or employee who is guilty of any immoral conduct or breach of trust, or for other failure to perform the duties of their office (see Discipline 5288); and

Whereas, Corporate counsel has advised it would be wise if district boards of administration had similar authority;

Resolved, That a new subparagraph 42 be added to Discipline 1233, as follows:

(42)To discharge at their discretion any officer or employee of the district or any pastor consistent with 712; 722:3; 1233:39 (with the exception of those in 5270:1–4, which shall be limited to the General Board) who shall be guilty of any immoral and/or illegal conduct or breach of trust, or who for any reason is unable, or who fails to perform the duties of their office, or for other misconduct which any of said boards may deem sufficient to warrant discharge. The action of the district board in removing such officer, employee, or pastor in the circumstances above set forth shall be final. There is no appeal for removal from office.


Wayne A. MacBeth, Secretary

Committee on Memorials


General Conference

____ Adopted ____ Not Adopted

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