Memorial 352

UNITED STEWARDSHIP FUND: Exemption for Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund

Whereas, The Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund has become a frequent channel for offering assistance through The Wesleyan Church to address specific and urgent needs; and

Whereas, Our churches are regularly encouraged to participate in this denominational form of sharing with those impacted by unexpected disaster;

Resolved, That funds received for Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund would be non-assessable when computing United Stewardship Fund-Educational Institution Fund. Paragraph 2005:(1)(e) would then read:

(1)(e) For Global Partners Division, Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund, and Wesleyan Native Ministries.


J. Scott Howard, Secretary

Committee on Memorials

Not Recommended; cared for by Memorial 355.

General Conference

____ Adopted ____ Not Adopted

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