Memorial 364

DISTRICT APPORTIONMENT: Revising the wording of district officer

Whereas, The Discipline provides that the district secretary is responsible to communicate the annual apportionment of the USF to each local church; and

Whereas, The district treasurer in working with the district superintendent is more qualified to apportion the appropriate amount of the USF assessment to each local church;

Resolved, That Discipline paragraph 2015(2) be amended by deleting the word secretary and replacing with the word treasurer. Paragraph 2015(2) shall then read:

(2) District Apportionment. The district conference shall apportion its total obligation among the local churches under its jurisdiction by assigning an amount to each as its share of the USF-General Fund and the USF-Educational Institutions Fund respectively, under whatever plan the district conference shall adopt after receiving a recommendation from the district board of administration (1233:11; 1337:6). The district treasurer shall officially notify each pastor within two weeks after the close of the district conference session of the amount assigned to that local church. The district treasurer shall promptly notify the General Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer of the district USF obligation on forms provided by the General Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer (1337:6).


Phillip Gray, Secretary

Committee on Memorials

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General Conference

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