Supervised Ministry

It works like this: the program of supervised ministry consists of one year (twelve months) of ministry in an approved setting under the supervision of a more experienced pastor. The year will be organized in three trimesters, each consisting of four months. Each trimester will have a set of unique requirements, as well as a set of standard expectations which apply to all trimesters. If you complete the entire supervised ministry requirement outside of college or seminary, you must complete the total curriculum as outlined. If you have already completed one or two units of supervised ministry in school before registering for the Supervised Ministry course, you will begin with the curriculum for the corresponding trimester. (For example: If you have completed one term previously, you will begin with the second trimester - C52). Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis by appeal to Education and the Ministry

The process of becoming equipped for ministry is a very important and demanding one. The task is really three-fold; the development of the heart, the mind, and the hand. A heart for the ministry is developed by the grace of God, by the faith and commitment of the person, and by the nurture of the Church. A mind for the ministry is developed as you and God work together in the process of disciplined study of His Word, His people, and the various subjects which help you do the work of ministry more effectively.

The District Board of Ministerial Development and/or the person it has designated as Coordinator of Supervised Ministry will help you in establishing a satisfactory supervised ministry placement, selecting a supervising pastor, overseeing the supervisory relationship between you and your supervisor, and reporting to the Supervised Ministry instructor.

The District Coordinator of Supervised Ministry will receive various reports from you in the course of each trimester. The District Coordinator must complete and submit a final evaluation and recommendation concerning your experience to the Supervised Ministry instructor at the conclusion of the last term of your supervised ministry experience.

For your supervised ministry placement, you will be assigned to a supervising pastor who will be a mentor to you throughout the experience. You will arrange the details of your assignment and spend significant time in supervisory sessions with your field supervisor. The supervisor will be someone with significant experience in ministry who can model for you what it means to be an effective pastor. He or she will also be willing to invest time and energy into your development as a minister. The supervising pastor needs to be an ordained minister and must have the approval of the DBMD to serve as a supervisor.

In addition to your supervising pastor and the District Coordinator of Supervised Ministry, you will submit a number of assignments and reports to the Ministry instructor. This instructor serves in a manner similar to any other Wesleyan correspondence course instructor. He or she receives and evaluates and Supervision Logs and Trimester Reports/Evaluations from the supervising pastor. The instructor submits your final grade for each trimester.

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