Memorial 455



Whereas, The 2008 General Conference of The Wesleyan Church approved and adopted the Charter of the International Conference of The Wesleyan Church (the Charter);

Whereas, The Charter provides for advancement in status for mission units to Established National or Regional Conference standing and outlines the criteria for such advancement;

Whereas, The various units and conferences of the Ibero-American Area meet the required criteria and have been working diligently to honor and complete the process leading to status advancement and have appropriately done so;

Whereas, The process for advancement in status requires the approval of the related General Conference (2610; 6515:2) and the International Conference (6505:6; 6745:10); and

Whereas, The process toward status advancement has been interfaced consistently with Global Partners and has the recommendation of Global Partners;

Resolved, That the proposal that an Established Regional Conference consisting of the established conferences of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, Equatorial Guinea (Africa), Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, and Puerto Rico, along with the mission units, churches, and developing districts of Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Honduras, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela be approved as The Ibero-American Established Regional Conference of The Wesleyan Church by this 2016 North American General Conference and recommended to the 2019 International Conference for final action.

Resolved, That its proposed charter, as follows, be approved.


Wayne A. MacBeth, Secretary

To see the Charter on which this action is based, click on the document below, marked "Charter."

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