Memorial 515


Whereas, The Wesleyan Church has an intensive process for the preparation and approval of those entering ordained ministry;

Whereas, The credentials of an ordained Wesleyan minister carry the weight of being a representative of The Wesleyan Church;

Whereas, The Discipline (3250-3346) provides a number of options for ordained ministers to be appointed to ministries and organizations outside The Wesleyan Church;

Whereas, 25 percent of our ordained ministers serve in areas other than a local church setting;

Whereas, We value accountability for all leaders, especially those holding credentials from The Wesleyan Church;

Whereas, The Discipline requires an ordained minister to hold membership in a local Wesleyan church, but there are cases where, for a multitude of reasons, the individual is not active in the local church wherein their membership resides;

Whereas, There is a level of inherent liability and responsibility concerning those ordained ministers credentialed by each district; and

Whereas, Both the district officials and the ordained ministers in question would benefit from a stronger expression of loyalty from ordained ministers serving outside one's home district;

Resolved, The following sentences shall be added to the Duties of an Ordained Minister, following subparagraph 2 of 3085, and the rest of the section be renumbered accordingly:

(3) To attend and participate in the annual district conference, unless excused in writing by the district superintendent.

(4) To be faithful in attendance, in tithe, and in participation in the ministries of a local Wesleyan church, if one is within driving distance. Exceptions to this requirement may be granted only by the approval of the district board of administration.


Resolved, The following sentences shall be added to the end of paragraphs 3335 and 3345:

Ministers serving in this category shall sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), available from the district superintendent, also signed by the district superintendent and the supervisor of the district/judicatory of the ministry with which the minister is serving. The MOU will clarify reporting and accountability responsibilities of this service as well as defining the length of service expected in this appointment. Service extending beyond five years of initial appointment in this capacity must be approved by the district board of administration.


Wayne A. MacBeth, Secretary

Original version proposed by South Coastal District Board of Administration

Priscilla Hammond, Secretary

Committee on Memorials


General Conference

____ Adopted ____ Not Adopted

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