Memorial 106


Whereas, The number of people living in urban areas is estimated at 44% of the population and many of these are living in poverty;

Whereas, Injustice exists in large North American cities, where children suffer at incredible rates, unemployment is rampant, and the church is needed in a desperate way;

Whereas, Many of the challenges of ministering to the needs of those in this environment are difficult and expensive for a church to reach and respond to; and

Whereas, The Wesleyan Church has had little success in reaching these areas due, in part, to lack of resourcing and funding;

Resolved, That a new type of organization be created as Urban Missional Church, as paragraph 536, which would read as follows:

4. Urban Missional Church

536. An urban missional church is a local church located and serving in a high poverty area in a city of over 200,000 people. It shall be recommended and approved by the district board of administration (1233:30) and must be approved by the General Superintendent. Its approval will be for two years, and may be renewed. Its organizational structure will follow the same pattern as a developing church (510:1-5). Should it cease to qualify as an urban missional church, it would move into developing church or established church status, as authorized by the district board of administration.

Resolved, That "an urban missional church (536)" be inserted into 1233:30 following "developing church (510)";

Resolved, That a new subparagraph (6) be added to 2310 (renumbering the subsequent subparagraphs) that would read as follows:

(6) In consultation with district superintendents and pastors who are involved in urban church ministry, develop and refine, as needed, specific criteria for designating urban missional churches from among those who apply.

Resolved, That paragraph 2005:1(l) be added to read, "From money raised for Urban Missional Churches"; and

Resolved, That paragraph 2005:3(g) be added and read as follows:

(g) Urban Missional Church Exception. Whenever a local church is designated as an urban missional church, the USF obligation for that church shall be set at 50 percent of the regular assessment.


Wayne A. MacBeth, Secretary

Original version submitted by Wisconsin District Board of Administration

Chris Bickett, Secretary

Committee on Memorials


General Conference

____ Adopted ____ Not Adopted

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