It is one thing to have something to say and quite another to know how to say it. For many writers, it's a paradox—substance or style—and most have to choose. But LeRoy and Summers have both in this book, which is an overflow of their walks with God. Comparing things like grace and truth, they help us to see not only the importance of each but something more, like holiness, in the blending of them. Paradox is fresh in thought, deep in Scripture, and rooted in the holiness tradition. I thank God for these guys. They're part of the next generation of holiness writers.

—Steve DeNeff, senior pastor of College Wesleyan Church in Marion, IN, co-author of Soul Shift and author of Faultlines

There always have been tensions in our faith—on the surface, many defining truths of Christianity seem opposed to each other. But, as with the strings of a guitar, what if the tension is exactly what creates the music? What if Christianity's essential truths are not in debate, but in dialogue? Maybe the tension doesn't pull truths apart, but holds them together.

This is the heart of LeRoy and Summers: a deeper faith that embraces the essential tensions in truth. Paradox wrestles through difficult questions with courageous honesty, sensitivity, and creative insight, fostering a safe and authentic environment for readers to express and explore their doubts. It issues a bold challenge for Christians to embrace what in truth can seem to be polar opposites and go deeper into a very real faith.

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MATT LEROY is a pastor of Love Chapel Hill and coeditor and coauthor with Jeremy Summers of The Way Forward and Awakening Grace.

JEREMY SUMMERS is an ordained pastor, serving The Wesleyan Church as a denominational leader.