Anita Eastlack

Anita Eastlack serves as the Executive Director of Church Multiplication and Discipleship, serving to multiply spirit-led disciples, ministries, and churches for The Wesleyan Church and beyond. After serving 31 years in local church leadership and 4 years in district leadership, Anita is passionate about using her spiritual gifts and experiences to serve the Kingdom of God through The Wesleyan Church Headquarters. Anita is an ordained minister in The Wesleyan Church who previously served as co-district superintendent of Penn-Jersey District. She had the privilege of growing up in a Church-planting Christian home, where she gave her heart and life fully to the Lord at an early age. A graduate of Houghton College and Wesley Seminary, she has repeatedly proven to be a change agent for the Church. Her wide-ranging ministry experiences include church health, church planting, church growth, fund-raising, networking, vision casting, property acquisition, overseeing district-wide events, missions, providing pastoral and organizational leadership and care, and founding and directing a preschool. In her previous role as co-district superintendent, Anita provided leadership and care for congregations who are diverse in location, setting, size, membership composition and ministry focus. Anita is loved by her husband Karl and her family, and beloved by the many people she serves. Anita is known for being a strategic thinker, an agent of change and a fervent, faithful follower of Christ.