Inviting Intimacy

This is a brave and beautiful story that every woman can relate to. I am so thankful for Marian's willingness to leverage her vulnerable narrative in order to remind us of our honest brokenness, not to leave us there but to point us toward hope and healing. Marian's gripping story paired with her beautiful writing and powerful biblical insights will leave you longing for intimacy, not with a short-lived optimism, but with a bursting-at-the-seams desire to be fully known by God, by yourself, and by love.

—Andrea Summers, director of women's ministry, The Wesleyan Church

Many of our hearts are deeply injured, killing all hopes for intimacy. Whether inflicted by others or our own choices, the resulting lies of shame numb love physically and harden us spiritually. But there is hope—we can feel again.

Authors Marian Green and Luke Brasel reveal how, as we invite God into the most sacred parts of our stories, he rewrites our lies and reveals our genuine desires.

Ideal for either group study or personal growth—discover wholehearted intimacy as God has designed for you.

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MARIAN GREEN and her family are new navigators of life after ministry. She shares openly of their mistakes and epiphanies at

LUKE BRASEL counsels, writes, speaks, and facilitates groups to help people recover their heart as they discover and redeem their stories. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Learn more about his work at