The Long Road Home

Giving fresh insight to a familiar story, The Long Road Home is highly readable yet never superficial. The authors identify the power of paradox in the parable of the prodigal son—when truth emerges from tension, searing eternal truth into the mind. They not only identify it, but harness it in their own writing! What an amazing range of topics it covers—my favorites are impatience, satisfaction, alienation, righteousness and resentment—but these are just a sampling of the thirty covered. You'll soon find your own favorites!

—Wayne Schmidt, General Superintendent, The Wesleyan Church

Perhaps the greatest story Jesus ever told was the parable of the prodigal son; but far more than what popularly comes to mind as a parable for the wayward, it was intentionally and foremost about discipleship. Authors Larry and Earl Wilson, bring their vast combined ministry and writing experience to bear as they open up this beloved passage in Luke 15 with fresh and soul-transforming perspective. Follow their journey into deeper discipleship through thirty devotional-style readings. Each reading examines every key phrase from the prodigal parable, with artful narrative and thoughtful exposition that bring Jesus' meaning to life.

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EARLE L. WILSON, along with being uncle to Larry, is an author and general superintendent emeritus in The Wesleyan Church. He has been pastoring and coaching believers on the Christian life for more than fifty years. He is the author of We Hold These Truths, Galatians, Philippians, Colossians: A Commentary for Bible Students, and Holy and Human.

LAWRENCE W. WILSON is an author, speaker, and teacher who challenges people to think differently, consider new ideas, and apply truth to their lives. He is the author of A Different Kind of Crazy and you can find more of his work at