​The big reveal

With my "Tarzan" Fotizo language, I told my language teacher, "Ask him. Ask God to reveal himself to you. He can even reveal himself to your husband and son. He is a big God!"

We wrap gifts before giving them in order to build anticipation. We put great effort into keeping a child's gender a secret until the perfectly planned moment. We hold major media conferences to reveal new products with fanfare.

But the single, greatest reveal of all history is the God of the universe making himself known to us. He who is way beyond our total comprehension actually wants to be connected to us! If he didn't want to be known, we would certainly all be in the dark. If he didn't want to be known, Immanuel ("God with us") wouldn't have come to re-establish the connection after humanity's falling out with the Creator. We wouldn't have his written Word, recorded for generations to come in inspired Scripture. Perhaps he could have even disguised his handiwork in the order of creation, that we would never know it was him behind it all.

However, he does want to be known. Personally.

Knowing that God already wants to reveal himself to people, our biggest prayer request is that people will search for him with an open and honest heart. In Jeremiah 29:13 God tells us, "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."

I believe my teacher is sincerely seeking, and it is so exciting to see glimpses of God revealing himself to her. Pray for her to encounter God in a personal way, that she would confess that Jesus is her Lord and Savior, and even be willing to share him with others.

Written by a Global Partners missionary serving with the Fotizo People. Name withheld for security reasons.