Multiethnic Conversations

At first I found it useful for me and my own journey, but soon it became one of the best resources I've used with my church and now my entire denomination for leaders and laity at every level. It not only helps to start discussions and create safe space for more in-depth conversations, but it also gives common language and a common experience for those wanting to not only do multiethnic ministry effectively, but who want to authentically lead multiethnic lives as well.

—Santes Beatty, director of multi-ethnic ministries of The Wesleyan Church

Structured with eight weeks of daily readings and thought-provoking questions, this attractive and accessible workbook is an excellent facilitator for engaging open and authentic group discussion in the local church. As the centerpiece tool of the Mosaix Global Network (, this book has already been instrumental in bringing together within churches so many ethnicities that, by the world?s standards, seem irreconcilable. It all begins with conversation.

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MARK DEYMAZ is the founding pastor and directional leader of the Mosaic Church of Arkansas and the cofounder and President of the Mosaix Global Network. He is the author of Building a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church and Leading a Heathy Multi-Ethnic Church.

ONEYA FENNELL OKUWOBI serves as the Director of Cultural Inclusion at Peoples Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. She also directs City Cohorts for the Mosaix Global Network.