Faith Made Real

I thoroughly enjoyed the stories and reflections found within this book. They both challenged and encouraged me in my own faith walk, as I was reminded again of the varied, surprising, and many times delightful ways God speaks into our lives.

–Stacy Hammons, provost of Indiana Wesleyan University

Testimonies are proof that miracles still happen and that real transformation is possible in the lives of ordinary people. We all have our own stories that point to God's goodness and grace, give different perspectives, and teach important lessons. From stories of redemption and restoration, to saintly lifestyles and selfless neighbors, we find our way more easily in the light of these testimonies.

Through the stories in these pages, you will see faith made real through community and vulnerability. These personal reflections from members of College Wesleyan Church in Marion, Indiana, will inspire, encourage, and fill you with the hope that, wherever you may find yourself, you are a part of God's great story.

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