Multiethnic Worship Webinar

Worship is one of those things that often becomes a lightening rod issue for most churches. How loud, how contemporary or traditional are usually the difficult conversation had between pastors, boards and congregations.

However, some churches and worship leaders are taking it a step further by introducing different genres, creative elements, a diverse platform, and multiple languages so that their stage presence connects with the people in the community and is inclusive of many of the cultural dynamics that embody their surrounding demographics.

If you've ever thought about trying to learn from some of the leading practitioners in our Wesleyan movement and across North America, you'll want to join us for two webinar style sessions.

Our first two sessions will have four speakers/panelists who will share from their ministry context and best practices followed by a time of Q&A. Our last session will be an opportunity for participants to engage with each other live in a learning lab breakout session experience. There you can bring your ideas, share your story and invite feedback from other participants with more of an iron sharpening iron approach.

Regardless, if you believe your church or context would benefit from this type of information and conversation, we invite you to watch our Webinars about Multiethnic worship.

Contact Santes Beatty at for any questions or comments.

Multiethnic Worship - Week 1 Webinar
Multiethnic Worship - Week 2 Webinar