Homogeneous Church Transitions Webinar

Any of these sound familiar: "I have new people from diverse backgrounds finally coming to my church, but they don't stay." "The community around our church is changing, but our church is not." "I feel called to lead our church through a transition, but I don't know where to start (worship, staff, youth group etc.?)." Don't worry, you are not alone! One of the most difficult things to do is to move a church or organization from mono-ethnic to multiethnic.

Join us as panelists share their experience doing just that in our third learning lab on "Homogeneous Church Transitions." Our panelists include pastors, church staff, and a District Superintendent who all have been recognized as real life examples who have taken leaders through this challenging process.

  • Jayson Bordges (Antioch Wesleyan Church – Antioch, CA)
  • Oneya Okuwobi (People's Church – Cincinnati, OH)
  • Jonathan Lewis (NC East District – High Point, NC)
  • Larry and Dale Salway (He Sepa Ministries - Rapid City, SD)

To watch the webinar, watch the video below.

Homogeneous Church Transitions