Phill Tague: ​You have a story to tell

Now I know some of you are thinking that your story isn't worth telling.

Maybe you think your story is of a life that is too broken and God could never use it. You have lived a life far from God and are ashamed of your story, and there's no way God could use such a broken life and broken story to help anyone.

Or maybe you're on the other side of that spectrum. You grew up in church and don't remember a time when God wasn't part of your life. You feel like your story is too vanilla or boring because you don't have some story of your rebellion and God's great rescue. You don't have a great story to tell, so what point is there in telling it?

The irony is that people on either end of this spectrum and everywhere in between are telling themselves the same lie–God can't use my story. What we don't seem to understand is the greatest tool God has given us to aid us in sharing our faith with others is our story. God has called us as believers to tell the world about him. But the greatest way to share about Jesus is to tell the story of how he changed your life. Evangelism is nothing more than sharing how his story intersected with your story and the way it changed your life. If you are a Christian, you have this story of how God changed your life and someone out there needs to hear it.

Statistics actually show that millennials are doing better at sharing their faith than any other generation. So to all you 18-34 year-olds out there, way to go! But better doesn't mean great. When was the last time you shared your story? If you are a Christian, the call to share your story with others is your call. When was the last time you shared how Jesus changed your life? If we really believe that Jesus saves us from our sins and that without him people will be separated from God forever, this is too important not to share.

Penn Jillette (from the famous illusionist duo Penn & Teller) describes why he respects Christians who want to tell others about heaven and hell. Click HERE to see that video.

So how about you? Someone out there needs your story. Do you care enough to share it? Don't believe the lie that God can't use your story. Someone out there is waiting for your story to invade their story with God's story. Go ahead and tell it.