ZIP Code Vision - Video

"We celebrate everytime a disciple makes a disciple and the church multiplies itself until we have a transforming presence in every zip code." ~Wayne Schmidt, General Superintendent.

Churches multiplying until The Wesleyan Church has a faithful presence in every zip code:

There are approximately 40,000 zip codes in the United States. Imagine if every Wesleyan church began to have focused prayer for the people who have no church affiliation in their own zip code, knowing that through the week, they will be coming in contact with them. From there, imagine if every Wesleyan church began to pray and prepare for a multiplication culture, shifting away from a gathering and keeping culture to a gathering and sending culture.

From "here to near" to "far to hard," from our current local churches to the hard-to-reach urban centers or overseas, God is calling us to go with the transforming message of hope and holiness.