2017 Vision 2020 - Into Every Zip Code!

The Chesapeake District has joined with The Wesleyan Church of North America to make more disciples who make disciples for Jesus and multiply until a transforming presence exists in every zip code. Before Vision 2020, pastors claimed a transforming presence in 237 of the 841 zip codes assigned to the Chesapeake District. At the time of the Vision 2020 event, 604 zip codes or 72% of the district was unclaimed. District Superintendent Stan Hoover shared that placing a transforming presence in every zip code requires action of all clergy and laity to love those who do not yet know Jesus. The church celebrates when a disciple accepts the responsibility to make more disciples for Jesus and the church multiplies itself. By the end of the day, delegates together determined to pray for and enter 177 unclaimed zip codes with a transforming presence. Click here to view the 2017 Vision 2020 video.

ZIP Chart
ZIP Chart

Vision 2020 included four breakouts sessions to assist church leaders with practical ideas to invade new zip codes: Five Steps to Multiplication, Pastor Tim Kirkpatrick; Creating a Life-Giving Experience, Pastor Kenneth Wagner; How to Energize Your Church to Live and Breathe Oikos, Pastor Todd Crofford; and, The Importance of Creative Arts Within the Church, Pastor Mark Tennefoss. Pastor Dana Stauffer, rally speaker, challenged local churches to reach outward and engage their communities with the love of Jesus.

Again, the New Life La Plata Church provided an amazing conference location experience for both pastors and lay delegates. From the greeting at the front door to the wonderful worship and delicious food, attendees felt welcomed and special. The conference host, Anthony MacDonald from United Church, kept the audience engaged and on task during the event.

The Chesapeake District celebrated gains in all major local church statistics during 2016-2017: increase in attendance, more members, two thousand converts, and growth in total giving.