Vision Tour Report

All three Vision Tour events included engaging dialogue, enthusiastic energy, and focused on creative discussion for invading zip codes with more disciples who make disciples. Church leaders expressed strong unity for large and small churches joining a multiplication movement. Key vision statements were expressed by laymen and clergy:

  1. The I95 corridor of large cities and the US13 corridor are both territories that need invaded.
  2. Greater support is needed for plateaued and smaller churches.
  3. Laymen want to be more involved.
  4. Churches are energized when they collaborate and help each other.
  5. Local churches must be more empowered with less resources consumed by the district.

Following the Chesapeake District Vision Tour, the Penn-Jersey District terminated the merger discussion. While the abrupt news was disappointing, Chesapeake District will continue its pace setting aggressive growth. General Superintendent Wayne Schmidt has encouraged Chesapeake's pursuit of church paradigms for greater multiplication.

District Conference will not be reconvened as previously announced. Vision 2020 (District Conference 2018) is scheduled for Monday, June 25, 2018.