Commissioned Minister Coach Process

Our Commissioned MInister Coach Process builds on the coaching skills received at our Coaching 2.0: Equipping Leaders with Skills and Tools for Effective MInistry. As a Commissioned Minister Coach in the Wesleyan Coaching Network, you will be a recommended coach for others. Our Commissioned Minister Coach Process takes about seven months. The process involves:

Training: Start with Coaching 2.0

  • Attend our two-day Coaching 2.0: Equipping Leaders with Skills and Tools for Effective MInistry event
  • Learn the coaching process
  • Explore effective techniques for asking powerful questions
  • Learn coaching skills through observation and participation
  • Become an Apprentice Coach

Experience: Sharpen Coaching Skills

  • Coach two people for six sessions each (approximately 6 months)
  • Be coached by a Coach Mentor for six sessions to grow in your coaching capacity. You'll experience one-on-one mentoring and coaching triads.
  • Read Transformissional Coaching by Steve Ogne and Tim Roehl
  • Read Leadership Coaching by Tony Stolzfus
  • Document at least 25 hours of intentional coaching
  • Identify your behavioral profile through DiSC and improve interpersonal skills.

Assessment: Confirmation From Others

  • Feedback from Coach Mentor
  • Feedback from field work (midpoint assessment)
  • Take a 360 Online Coach Assessment
  • Complete Commissioned Minister Coach requirements - Pass final assessment and evaluation

Cost: $400 for the 6-month Commissioned Minister Coach Process

For more information: Contact Rhonda Moore at . Certification is done in groups, at various times throughout the year.

Deadline for registration: Two weeks after each Coaching 2.0 event. Money due at time of registration.

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